Community Outreach

Within the pediatric community Dr. Lastra is actively involved in groups to help spread awareness of direct primary care as a healthcare alternative, both for patients and for doctors looking to transition. Dr. Lastra maintains her board-certification in Pediatrics active and completes continuing medical education courses as a way to expand her knowledge as a pediatrician. 

Within St. Petersburg and Tampa, Dr. Lastra supports her community through volunteer events and educational speaking engagements for various St. Pete local organizations and Tampa groups.

As owners of a historic property in Lang's Bungalow Court, Dr. Lastra and her husband are actively involved in advocating for the preservation of historic landmarks and in collecting memorabilia to document the history of their wonderful neighborhood. 



Albert Fielding Lang, mayor of St. Petersburg, FL from 1916 - 1920 built and lived in the Historic Lang's Bungalow Court. He is best known for bringing baseball spring training to the St. Petersburg area. The late mayor's home is now the home of Dr. Lastra and her husband. 

Global Outreach


As sponsors of Sustainable Cambodia for over a decade, Dr. Lastra and her husband have had the opportunity to visit the villages and meet their sponsored child. 




While at the villages in Pursat, Cambodia Dr. Lastra and her husband taught the children how to dance salsa and in turn, the children taught them the traditional khmer dance.


Dr. Lastra volunteers in medical trips and conferences across the globe, having been to Panama, Argentina, and Dubai to date.

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