Frequently asked questions

Do you take insurance?

We are not in network with any insurance companies. As such, we do not take insurance or bill your insurance plan for our services. We charge our membership fee directly to you. However, your insurance plan can be used for vaccines, laboratory testing and imaging if these are covered benefits. In some circumstances, insurance plans may provide reimbursement. Contact your insurance representative to inquire about reimbursement rates for out-of-network providers. In this scenario, you would still pay us directly and we would provide you with documentation that you would submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Do I still need insurance if I sign up for your membership?

Yes! Insurers still play an important but secondary role, covering some primary care costs, emergencies, severe illness and catastrophic matters.

What type of insurance do you recommend?

We recommend choosing a PPO plan (preferred provider organizations). These types of plan allow us to coordinate your care best! Two great benefits of PPO plans are: 1) You do not need referrals from an in-network primary provider to see a specialists. 2) Some patients on PPO plans receive some, often significant, reimbursements from their insurers for the services we provide (subject to the specific terms of each policy). Contact your insurance representative to find out reimbursement rates for out-of-network providers.

Can I pay with a Flex Saving Account or Health Savings Account?

In the state of Florida, due to regulations you are not be able to use a flex spending account (FSA) or health saving account (HSA) to pay for our membership fee. Please consult with your CPA if you feel that you would qualify to use your FSA/HSA towards the membership fee. You can always use your FSA/HSA accounts to cover for charges such as laboratory testing, procedures, or other services charged in addition to the membership fee.

How do I join?

You can e-mail, call, text, facebook message, instagram... You get the drill. Once we receive your request for more information we will contact you to set up a complimentary virtual Meet & Greet consultation with the doctor. The Meet & Greet provides an opportunity for both parties to determine if they will be a good fit for one another prior to starting the membership plan. After the Meet & Greet, we will set up your membership and get you on your way to enjoying all the benefits of being a member!

How do I pay the membership fee?

Membership fees are charged to your bank account on autodraft as a recurring monthly payment. You may also choose to pay annually and receive a discount. Please consult with us if you would like to use other forms of payment such as check or credit card.

How much is the membership fee?

Our monthly membership fees are affordable. They vary based on the child's age, and average to about a daily cup of coffee plus a muffin at starbucks for the month.

What is covered with the membership fee?

Routine pediatric care (Well Care Exams, Sick Visits, Urgent Care and some minor procedures) in the comfort of your home are covered with your membership. You also get 24/7 access to the doctor and other perks with membership. Check out our membership page for more details.

What is NOT covered with the membership fee?

Vaccinations, prescriptions and imaging studies are not covered under any of our membership plans. We will work with you to offer coverage through your insurance carrier. Alternatively, we will work to provide the most reasonable prices to our patients. Some laboratory studies and procedures may not be covered. Those not covered under your membership plan may be covered by your insurance provider. Alternatively, we will work to provide the most reasonable prices to our patients. Medical services from other providers, such as specialists or visits to the emergency room or in-patient hospitalizations, are not covered under any of our membership plans.

Can I cancel the membership at any time?

Yes! Your monthly membership can be canceled by either party at any time provided a 30-day notice is given. If you decide to leave Head2Toe Pediatrics, there is absolutely no fee or penalty. If you have prepaid your membership fee for the year, you will be reimbursed for the unused months.

Can I request a home visit if I'm not a member?

We do not provide home visits for non-members. We reserve the convinience of home visits and our unique 24/7 access to our members only.

Is there a geographic limit for house calls?

Yes! We service families in St. Petersburg, Florida and surrounding areas within a 15 mile radius of St. Anthony’s Hospital located at 1200 7th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705.

What happens when my doctor is sick or on vacation?

We will do our best to notify families in advanced of planned absences. Our physician may still remain accessible via email, phone and text during their absence. However, in the event that the doctor will not be able to go out to your home, we will work with you to coordinate care.

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