Our Patients Become Family 

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When Pedro has a 104 F fever and won't stop coughing at 4AM in the morning 

When Molly puts a bead up her nose at 7PM in the evening 

                                   But Also.....

When Tyrone celebrates his 1 year birthday 

When Xi needs a doctor model for show and tell at school 

We provide our families with the best in pediatric primary care for children in St. Petersburg and Tampa, but don't just take our word for it

Take a look at our pediatrician reviews and make the decision for yourself! 

Dear Dr. Lastra, 

You became a part of our family so fast.

Aparna I Mother


Marci I Mother

Dear Dr. Lastra, 

Thank you for being such a kind and caring pediatrician for Johana

Maryam I Mother

Dr. Lastra, 

I ended up switching you to be our doctor after being impressed with how thorough you were with his care

Naila I Mother

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Head2Toe Pediatrics direct primary care would like to express their gratitude towards the families that leave us a pediatrician review

Dr. Lastra, our house call pediatrician, is appreciative of your support and loves caring for your child's primary care needs

Our Community Becomes Family 

We not only impact our patients, we impact our coworkers and community. Being a pediatrician doesn't end when we no longer provide pediatric primary care for a family or say goodbye to co-workers. The connections once made, continue to grow for years to come.


Take a look at our pediatrician reviews from our community!

Dr. Lastra was our pediatrician when we had our 3rd baby girl, Brier. Dr. Lastra was placed in Gillette, WY for the week we had her. We thank God daily that Dr. Lastra was Brier's doctor that week because without her expertise on Brier's situation we could have lost her. We feel extremely lucky to have had her support, guidance and expertise. She goes above and beyond to ensure she knows us personally. To this day, Dr. Lastra and I still keep in touch. I would like Brier to meet her when she's old enough to understand that she saved her life! She is knowledgeable, up to date on health information and very easy to talk to.

Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone

Marci I Mother

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How to Read Pediatrician Reviews

When looking through pediatrician reviews, what should you look for?

We understand that it's overwhelming to search for the best pediatrician for your family. We also understand that we may not be the right fit for every family. Even if we are not what you are looking for, whatever the reason may be, we would like to help you find the pediatrician that is right for your family. 


Here are 3 things to look for as you read through pediatrician reviews:

  1. Do they have recent pediatrician reviews- you want to make sure you are seeing recent/updated reviews 

  2. Is the pediatrician review by a parent, colleague or acquaintance- parent reviews carry more weight than others

  3. Are there photos with the pediatrician review- reviews with photos take more effort and likely mean that the doctor has a more connected relationship with the family  

Weather you're looking for a direct primary care physician, pediatrics or family medicine. Or if you're looking for an insurance-based pediatric office for your child's primary care needs, we are knowledgeable of the doctors in St. Petersburg and Tampa area. We'd love to share our recommendations.

Best of luck in your journey and feel free to reach out if we may help in any way!