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Dr. Lastra's Favorite Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! Old and new traditions that start to take shape as soon as we hit November 1st bring joy and togetherness in a different way than any other time of the year.

This year is even more special! With a baby on the way, I've been feeling all the emotions of the holiday season in a new way. Thinking of childhood traditions I grew up with that I'd want to bring back, while also being excited about our current traditions and sharing those with our newest little member of the family.

As I gear up for the holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite traditions with you!

Sending a holiday card

This is by far my favorite holiday tradition. Growing up my family would always buy packs of hallmark holiday cards and we would spend a day writing fun messages to mail out to our family and friends. When my husband and I started dating, we took our own take on holiday cards and this has now become a whole month's long operation!

As you can see from our 2019 holiday card above, we start planning for what we are going to do right after halloween! The month of November we set up what we need for our idea and send the holiday cards so that they arrive by mail right after thanksgiving.

Check out some of our other fun holiday cards below -

Choosing an annual ornament

Every year we choose an ornament to add to our tree that represents an important life accomplishment for that year.

Making Coquito

I love being in the kitchen for the holidays making traditional foods and baking! Coquito is puerto rican eggnog. I make this for anyone who wants to taste some puerto rican flavors.

Where is Elfie?

When my siblings and I were young we'd chase after Santa around the block looking for him. As we've gotten older we now look for Elfie inside the house. Whoever finds him has to hide him in a new location for someone else to find. I look forward to seeing how this game will change when baby Penelope arrives!

There are so many more I look forward to such as cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating it while listening to holiday music, going around to see holiday lights and baking cookies together! Traditions unite us. They help us grow and stir emotions in us we may not have otherwise experienced. May these continue to be celebrated and passed down for generations to come.

Happy Holidays!

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