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Pediatric Care That Doesn't End

at the Office

Experience the House Call Pediatrician St Pete has to offer!

We are the first direct primary care pediatrician in St. Petersburg offering a holistic approach to your child's health, at home! 

Our house call pediatrician is friendly, knowledgeable and directly accessible 24/7

We provide families an alternative to the germy and busy pediatric office


Home Visits by the Pediatrician No more waiting rooms, we come to you!

24/7 Access to the Pediatrician No more triage lines, hassle-free communication! 

Holistic Awareness No more one size fits all, personalized pediatric care for your child! 

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Convenient Pediatric Care at Your Doorstep

Do you find visits to the pediatrician inconvenient
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Choosing a pediatrician is a HUGE decision

So before choosing US to care for your family, learn about how we promise to treat YOU like family

24/7 Access
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We promise to be there for you, when you need us most! You can call, text or e-mail our pediatrician directly

24/7 Access
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clock with a heart to signify open 24/7 for pediatrcian in st petersburg and tampa at Head2Toe Pediatrics
No Rush / No Wait
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We promise to give you time!

Un-rushed time to spend with the pediatrician instead of sitting in the waiting room

No Rush / No Wait
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Home with a heart in the center to signifiy house call pediatric services at Head2Toe Pediatrics in St Petersburg ad Tampa
Holistic Approach
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We promise to care for your whole child from Head2Toe

We dig deep to find the source of an issue, not just treat the symptoms of disease

Holistic Approach
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Holistic sign to signify holitic peiatrician available to see children in st petersburg and tampa
No Hidden Fees
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We promise price transparency

You will know what you are paying for upfront and we'll even pass on our discounts 

No Hidden Fees
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Money sign to signify affordable concierge pediatrician seeing kids in st petersburg and tampa
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We're Doing Everything a Pediatric Office Does at Your Home

Why drag your kids to germy pediatrician offices?
We come to YOU

Our extensive services top any pediatric office in St. Petersburg and Tampa

Well Child Check
White background for baby carriage to signify pediatric well checks as home service at Head2Toe Pediatrics

All pediatric well care is included

We are not limited by insurance coverage or gaps

Baby carriage to signify that well child checks are done in the home for patients of head2toe pediatris in St Petesburg and Tampa
Well Child Check
Icon of baby carriage I wellness primary care physicians in st petersburg fl
white background for a vaccine to show that vaccinations are provided at-home for children in st petersburg and tampa

Vaccinations for all childhood vaccine preventable diseases done at home by our pediatrician

Shot icon I St Petersburg diect primary care pediatrician provding vaccines at home
icon of a vaccine to ilustrate that head2toe pediatrics offers vaccines at-home through drive through clinics for patients from newborns to teens in st petersburg and tampa
Holistic Care Coordination
White backgound for an icon showing puzzle pieces put togther I Head2Toe Pediatrics provides holistic care coordination for children in st petersburg and tampa

Seamless coordination between our pediatrician and other providers to remove barriers in healthcare access

Holistic Care Coordination
Icon of puzzle piece I Holistic pediatrican St Pete coodinating care across specialties
Same Day Sick Visit
white background for child with a mask to signify sick and acute care visits are done in the home for children from newborn to teens at head2toe pediatrics

Same day appointments available

Our direct primary care goal is to avoid any unnecessary trip to the ER or urgent care for your family

Same Day Sick Visit
icon of child with facemask I direct primary care pediatricians offering children same day appointents for sick and urgent care visits
child with facemask as a description that sick and urgent care child visits are done in the home by dr. lastra, concierge pediatrician in st petersburg and tampa
Labs & Procedures
white background for icon showing lab test tubes I Head2Toe Pediatrics offers labs and procedures at-home for children 0 to 18 years of age

Routine Screening Labs: CBC, Lead, Strep, Flu, COVID-19, RSV, urine analysis and more

Simple Procedures: Stitches / Splints

Labs & Procedures
Icon of 2 test tubes I primary care physicians in st petersburg floida provding at-home lab draws and procedues for children
Icon of test tubes to signify laboratory an procedure for pedatric patients at done in the home by the house call pediarician in St. Petersburg ad Tampa
white background for an iphone image to show that unlimited telemedicine / telehealth visits are provided by our concerige pediatrician

Unlimited 24/7 access to our primary care doctor to call, text or e-mail with your pediatric primary care concerns

Iphone icon I Telemedicine for children by md pediatricia to answer fever concerns or other pediatic questions
iphone icon to signify that head2toe pediatric offes unlimited 24/7 access to the pediatrcian
Screening Assessments
white background for an icon showing a questionnaire I Head2Toe Pediatrics offers screening questionnaires and assessments at home for patients

No child left behind!

Detailed screening evaluations for all childhood primary care concerns with prompt follow through

Screening Assessments
Icon of questionnaire I St Pete primary care pediatrician offering screeing assessments at-home
Icon of a questionnaire to show that Head2Toe Pediarics prvides assessents at home for kids in st petersbrg and tampa
Same Day Specialist Visit
White background for icon of heart with electrocardiogram I Head2Toe Pediatrics coordinates care with specialist physicians and services

Building relationships with trusted specialist physicians to provide accessible pediatric medical care 

Same Day Specialist Visit
Icon of heart I MD Pedatrician connectig with other MD proviers to provide accessile care to children in St Petersburg
Icon of heat with heart tracing through the middle to ilustrate that our concerige pediatric services include access to specialists for same day apointments to care for children in st petersburg and tampa
Specialized Packages
white background for icon showing a wrapped gift box I Head2Toe Pediatrics offers specialized packages for children

We offer personalized packages to address gaps in pediatric primary care for families in an insurance-based clinic needing a little extra support

Specialized Packages
Icon f gift box I St Pete Direct Primary Care Pediatrican with affordable membership packges to meet pediatric primary care concens
Icon of wrapped gif box to illustrate that head2toe pediarics offers diferet pricing packages and plans

Our Affordable Pricing Keeps Money in Your Wallet

Tired of deductibles, copay's and suprise bills?
We offer Price Transparency

You will know what you are paying for up-front and what you get

Membership Plans
White background for clock showing 24/7 open sign for head2toe pediatrics, house call holistic pediatrician in st. petersburg and tampa

We offer three membership plans based on age, paid monthly

Membership Plans
A La Carte Packages
White background for a home with a heart to signify house calls. Head2toe pediatrics, house call holistic pediatrician in st. petersburg and tampa

We have various package options, paid once, for families with short term needs

A La Carte Packages
Pediatrician Partnership
White background of a holistic sign to signify holistic pediatrician in St. Petersburg and Tampa

This plan is for families who want the access without leaving their current pediatrician

Pediatrician Partnership
Children sitting and smiling as patients of Head2Toe Pediatrics I House Call Pediatrician in St Petersburg and Tampa

Dr. Lastra was our pediatrician when we had our 3rd baby girl, Brier. Dr. Lastra was placed in Gillette, WY for the week we had her. We thank God daily that Dr. Lastra was Brier's doctor that week because without her expertise on Brier's situation we could have lost her. We feel extremely lucky to have had her support, guidance and expertise. She goes above and beyond to ensure she knows us personally. To this day, Dr. Lastra and I still keep in touch. I would like Brier to meet her when she's old enough to understand that she saved her life! She is knowledgeable, up to date on health information and very easy to talk to.

Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone.

Marci, Mother

Convenient & Affordable Pediatric Care at Your Home

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