About Head2Toe Pediatrics

We Work for YOU

NOT for Insurance Companies, NOT for Employers. NOT for Hospital Systems

NOT for anyone but YOU

Improving access to pediatric health care as the first concierge-style, Direct Primary Care pediatric clinic to offer house calls and 24/7 access in St. Petersburg, Florida and surrounding areas, by a board-certified pediatrician

Redefining old-fashioned service with a modern holistic approach 

Our Vision

For children to receive the best pediatric care in the best environment –

their own home! 

We are driven by passion to provide high-quality pediatric services that are affordable and accessible to families of all shapes and sizes, without the constraints put forth by the current insurance-based pediatric practice models

We prioritizing quality over quantity!

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The new trend in primary care!

Taking back control of the doctor-patient relationship

Direct primary care, also known as DPC, is a concierge-style model for practices in which billing and payment arrangements are made directly between the patient and the doctor. There is no "middle man" encroaching between the doctor-patient relationship

This model allows us to have a more fulfilling relationship while saving you time and money! 

Our Holistic Approach

We know that nutrition, exercise and sleep are important for healthy living and management of disease but- 

How do you get kids to eat their vegetables?


It's not easy! We are here to teach you strategies, but most importantly we are here to listen and support

We encourage open communication and provide evidence based education on topics such as vaccines, antibiotic use and alternative medicine practices for children and young adults

Our Services

Our comprehensive pediatric services come to you, 

No more waiting around!

We care for children from birth until their teenage years for all pediatric primary care needs

We offer well checks, sick / acute care visits, labs, simple procedures, vaccinations, developmental screens, and more in the comfort of your home

Rosana Castellucci_Sara Bignault_Harbors

Dr. Lastra

The pediatrician St Pete brings to your home!

Dr. Lastra is a bilingual, board-certified MD Pediatrician with 8 years of experience in both the clinic and hospital setting. She has worked in a number of diverse environments, going from rural communities with limited resources, to Indian reservations with strong moral values, to vibrant cities with prestigious facilities and top of the line medical resources.


Dr. Lastra’s ability to communicate in both English and Spanish along with her vast expertise and cultural diversity, allow her to better serve our community. 



Connecting With Families in Multiple Ways

Our pediatric care doesn't end with an at-home pediatric visit

We love interacting with families through fun events and educating through our blog


Join us at an event, online or in-person

We focus on nutrition, sleep and exercise as big contributors to a healthy lifestyle!


We love creating memories with our families


Connect with us on our blog and read all the fun posts we write for our families!


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