Raising the Bar One Step at a Time

Empowering parents in the Tampa Bay area for over a decade, Head2Toe Pediatrics is on a mission to equip families with the tools, resources, and support necessary to make informed decisions for their child’s healthcare needs.

Through the concierge pediatrician model, we are positioned to grow with your children to better support their unique needs from head to toe!


Inspiration for
Head2Toe Pediatrics

In the midst of the pandemic madness in 2020, I embarked on a mission to establish Head2Toe Pediatrics. My passion was to aid parents and promote their child's wellness while navigating the uncertainties and skepticism that enveloped us all.

But little did I know that my story would take an amusing twist in 2022 when I became a mother myself. The challenges of parenthood, from mastering breastfeeding to being a clueless parent, were overwhelming. It became clear to me that having a strong support system was crucial to overcoming these challenges. Having been raised in a tight-knit Puerto Rican family, I was lucky to have that support. However, I realized not every parent has that luxury. That's why I'm more committed than ever to growing Head2Toe Pediatrics into a vibrant community that promotes connectivity and empowerment for families.

Head2Toe Pediatrics has now become an epitome of excellence in pediatric care, not just for providing top-notch medical services, but also for nurturing the meaningful relationships we create with our families.


Personalized Concierge Pediatric Care


Our approach involves addressing every aspects of a child's well-being, including their physical, mental, and emotional health.


We empower families to take an active role in their child's health by providing them with guidance, education, and support to make informed decisions.


We offer families a supportive community to help them navigate through the challenges of parenting.

Meet the Team

Our families love Head2Toe Pediatrics and we bet you will too!

Hi, I’m Dr. Lastra, y Hablo Español!
Rosana Lastra, MD, MS, FAAP
Pediatrician, Board-Certified

Dr. Lastra has been delivering exceptional pediatric care for over a decade. Her unwavering commitment to promoting the overall well-being of your family is matched by her passion for ensuring that your little ones feel valued and safe.

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Robert Castelucci
Office Manager

With over a decade of experience in business administration, Rob is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring a positive experience for our families.

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Anne Lastra, LCSW
Case Manager

Anne is involved in developing connections with community organizations to ensure that our families have access to essential resources, advocating for their needs and offering support during challenging times.

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Physician Only Team
Sick/Urgent Coverage

In the event that Dr. Lastra is unavailable, we have a group of pediatric emergency room physicians who are board-certified and ready to attend to the urgent healthcare needs of our families.

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Always There When
You Need Us

Our concierge pediatric care model offers superior personalized attention and accessibility when compared to traditional healthcare models

You choose the location
You choose
the location

Your home, our office, or wherever you need us

24/7 access to the pediatrician
24/7 access to the pediatrician

Text, call, video or email directly with the pediatrician

Flexible Scheduling

Appointments when you need them, without any hassle

Physician Only Expert Care

Board-certified pediatricians with years of experience

Meet Our Families Baby Brier’s Story

Meet Our Families Baby Brier’s Story

Meet the adorable Brier, who serendipitously crossed paths with Dr. Lastra while she was working as a traveling physician in Wyoming!

As luck would have it, Dr. Lastra was one of the first people to set eyes on Brier after her birth. Everything appeared to be going smoothly, and Brier's family was preparing to head home when routine checks picked up on some jaundice that warranted further investigation.

During the process, unexpected lab results were discovered, prompting Dr. Lastra to keep a close eye on Brier's condition and conduct further tests to get to the bottom of the issue. It was then revealed that Brier had contracted a dangerous bacteria that can be fatal to newborns.

However, thanks to the early detection and swift actions of Dr. Lastra, Brier received treatment before any symptoms could manifest. The experience brought Brier's family and Dr. Lastra even closer together. They were grateful to have met each other and continue to remain in contact ever since.

When you become a patient of Dr. Lastra, it's more than just a professional relationship - it's a personal connection that transcends distance and time.

Dr. Lastra was our pediatrician when we had our 3rd baby girl, Brier. Dr. Lastra was placed in Gillette, WY for the week we had her.

We thank God daily that Dr. Lastra was Brier's doctor that week because without her expertise on Brier's situation we could have lost her. We feel extremely lucky to have had her support, guidance and expertise. She goes above and beyond to ensure she knows us personally.

To this day, Dr. Lastra and I still keep in touch. I would like Brier to meet her when she's old enough to understand that she saved her life! She is knowledgeable, up to date on health information and very easy to talk to. Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone.

-- Brier’s mom

We Love Our Patients

Our experiences with Dr. Lastra and her team have been amazing! While our time with them have been brief, it’s easy to see how kind and genuine they all are. I am so thankful that they are giving their time to help vaccinate out patient children.

Stacy Gosnell

Dr. Lastra is FANTASTIC! She is attentive, thorough, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable as a pediatrician. As a first time parent, I had many questions, and felt confident with her as my daughters pediatrician. She takes the time to educate parents and made space for any concerns we had. She is also excellent at connecting to resources in the community. Finally, she made my daughter feel safe and have fun at doctors appointments! She is the best!

Charissa Stepp

Dr. Rosana Lastra is the best pediatrician! She is very thorough, kind, and great with my kids. We highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking a pediatrician in the St. Pete area. Thank you Head2Toe Pediatrics!


Dr. Lastra is a fantastic pediatrician. She is warm, caring, and thoughtful. She provides accessible, convenient, and high quality care. I highly recommend her!

Rachel Coleman

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