“Join me, a pediatrician mom, on this crazy ride of online parenting. My evidence-based tips will ensure your kids thrive and you maintain your sanity, so search away with confidence!”

-Dr. Lastra

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Dr. Lastra’s guide for family and friends!

As a pediatrician and mother, Dr. Lastra created this free guide to equip parents with practical tips that they can share with family and friends, helping them understand the importance of proper etiquette when visiting a newborn in a safe and respectful manner.


Created by a pediatrician mom, this free dosing guide not only provides parents with accurate information on the safe administration of Tylenol and Motrin to their children, but also offers crucial considerations to keep in mind.

Dr. Lastra's Baby Talk Translator

Looking for a translator for your baby's cries? From decoding wails to uncovering secret messages, we've got you covered. Plus, our guide includes practical tips and funny insights to make the process a little less stressful. So if you're feeling lost in a sea of tears and confused coos, give our guide a try and speak baby like a pro!

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What to Expect on Birth Day

This guide provides valuable information on what to expect after your baby is born, including the various procedures and testing that will be conducted during the first few hours and days of your baby's life. It also offers recommendations for follow-up care with the pediatrician to ensure the optimal health and well-being of your newborn.

*From Milk to Meals: A Parent's Guide to Surviving Solid Food!

Feeding is intimidating! Our guide provides practical tips and expert advice to help parents successfully navigate this. With guidance on choosing nutritious foods, introducing them safely, and managing common challenges like food allergies, our board-certified pediatrician and mother will empower parents to feel confident and prepared. We also offer a few easy recipes!

Buzzing into ONE! A Sweet Guide to the First year Checkup

Our guide, curated by Dr. Lastra, a concierge pediatrician and experienced mother, offers practical tips and expert advice on navigating your baby's first-year checkup. Covering everything from physical exams to developmental milestones, vaccines, and blood work, it empowers parents to feel confident and informed.

Snot What You Think: A Parent's Guide to Dealing with Colds

Got snot? Don't panic! Our guide covers symptoms, care, and when to see a doctor. With practical tips and easy-to-digest advice, you'll be a snot-fighting superhero in no time. Sleep better, worry less, and wave goodbye to those boogers.

Tales from the Tummy: A Parent's Guide to Managing Vomiting

Prepare for our quest to defeat the barfing beast! Our guide equips parents with the tools to conquer that sickness and keep their child comfortable. From symptoms to care, we cover it all, and provide tips on when to call in the fairy godmother (a.k.a the doctor). Say goodbye to tummy troubles and hello to a happy ending.

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This one-on-one personalized deep dive into the educational guides we provide will give you a chance to ask specific questions and get personalized advice from Dr. Lastra.

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Educational In-Person Group Session (1hr)
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This group session will give you the chance to engage with Dr. Lastra and other parents, allowing for a collaborative learning experience.

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Prescription for the day: Scroll through our blog!

Gain insights and receive guidance from knowledgeable professionals who specialize in parenting and children's health and wellness.

Dr. Lastra's Self Care Tips for Moms

Instead of waiting for "the right time" to focus on myself—a time that rarely came because I was too exhausted and just wanted to grab whatever sleep I could—I began to weave little moments for myself into our everyday life. Yes, motherhood is incredibly demanding, and naturally, our children often take priority, but we shouldn't overlook our own needs.

Spring Sniffles: Deciphering Allergies vs. Illness in Children

Navigating the challenges of spring allergies in children can be daunting, especially when trying to distinguish between symptoms of allergies and signs of illness. Understanding these differences is crucial for providing the appropriate care, whether it involves allergy management or treating an infection.

What to know about Measles

The recent news about a measles outbreak at a Broward County elementary school has naturally raised some concerns among our community, especially considering how quickly this virus can spread. As a pediatrician, I'm dedicated to ensuring families are well-informed and equipped to tackle health issues such as measles.

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The Gift-Giving Season: A Pediatrician's Perspective on Kid-Safe Presents

With Christmas having come and gone, and a bounty of gifts now part of our homes, it's an opportune time to sort through them, particularly from a safety perspective. As both a pediatrician and a parent, I recognize the challenge in navigating gift choices, especially when they're given with love. However, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our children is crucial.

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